Here are the City Stats for the main town of Blythe where the adventures have begun. It was a good exercise in understanding rules that I had never dealt with before. A fuller description of the town will be forthcoming in this post as I need to develop and expand the notes I already had. A number of the townsfolk will be dealt with in detail in further posts.


Population: 720 (Search -2)

Physical and Magical Environment

Terrain: Mountain
Appearance: Normal (+0)
Hygiene: +0
Normal Mana (Rare Enchantment)

Culture and Economy

Language: Weldorrian
Literacy: Broken
TL: 3
Wealth: Struggling
Status: -2 to 4

Political Environment

Government: Feudal, Municipality
CR: 3 (Corruption -1)
Military Resources: 10,080 Florins
Defense Bonus: +5


Though the Barony seat, Blythe is smaller than it’s neighboring towns and villages. It is broken up into three zones. The wealthy live above the town in the hills at the edge of the Lonital Mountains. The townsfolk and those of modest means live in the town proper, protected by a wooden palisade. While the farmers, fishermen, loggers, and trappers live outside the town in small farm and fishing communities. Blythe exports food, furs, and timber, both south along the Thalion River and east to Huyth. Both the town armorer and wizard are employed solely by the Baron, Lord Enyertur.

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