The Battle of Olian River

Diary of Débora Busérto

It is [September] of the year 2019 ER, the campaign against Parduk is not going well. We have been falling back for months. We believe they are going to try to advance to the Olian River in the coming weeks. My unit will be traveling through the night to head north so we can begin to set up fortifications.

My arms are extremely sore, so I won’t be writing much tonight. Though I have done most of my combat tours upon ships, this campaign has taught me a lot. We have been digging ditches all day to divert the Olian River into a moat. The Horgun Mercenaries have been felling trees for both fences and stakes. The Parduk calvary units have been slaughtering the Katen forces, who have been disorganized and weak for decades. Those of us from Tempore and Farallon have been fighting valiantly, but we keep losing ground. I’m afraid this might be my last campaign.

We finally held off the calvary. The stakes that the Horgun Mercenaries set up hastily decimated the first charge. They fell back to regroup for another advance. But that advance hasn’t occurred yet. We see a tent being set up far in the rear of their forces. There are strange lights coming from the tent. That can mean only once thing. Wizards of the Arcane Order. The Arcane Order has been staying out of this conflict for the most part, though individual wizards have been choosing sides. We have fought with a few and my breast plate was temporarily enchanted by one last night. But fear has started to ripple through the Katen forces and even I am unnerved, but I came to terms many years ago that I might die in the defense of my country or in this case, the defense of another.

This night of all nights, I am remembering Kelith, a half-elf I fell in love with many years ago. We were both young, but the nights felt alive. But then I entered Tempore Guards which I had been dreaming of becoming since I was 5 years old and saw them on parade in full regalia past our balcony in our house in the capital. We tried to keep in touch, but it was difficult when I barely had time to sleep, let alone time to write a letter. I heard that he finally got married last year, but although my time as a Tempore Guard had ended, for now, I joined the Jualani Company to help defend Katen against the aggressions of Parduk, not knowing if Parduk will stop at Katen or continue their conquests of my country. I wish him well, but tonight, my last night, I realize how much I have sacrificed. Oh Sweet Lycretia, I hear screams – something is happening.

I can’t believe I am alive. Katen is finished. The only thing saving them is on coming blizzard from the Lonital Mountains to the north. But the Jualani Company is no more, Jualani himself perished in the battle. I saw his body floating down river stuck full of arrows. But what finished us, was arcane magics. Creatures from the deep earth were summoned into the middle of our fortifications imbued with magic of the earth. Within in minutes, hundreds of men and women were ripped to shreds by their sharp teeth. These Yulents can eat stone, so ripping through human flesh is like butter. Though we killed them all, by then the Parduk forces climbed over our hastily made defense that we were unable to defend. Within the hour, we were done. A few nobles surrendered and will be ransomed, but I am likely one of only dozens of the troops that survived. I was able to jump into the river and float away. I will travel back home, but I need to find a new career.

Yulent (GURPS)

These creatures are huge, almost 9 feet long and as high as a horse. Their legs are stubby, but fast. They are tailless, but their snout narrows down to a point. They live far below the earth or deep in the mountains. They burrow by digesting stone and earth and get most of their minerals from the biomatter that exists naturally in dirt. When they find living creatures, they become ravenous, eating them until either the creature or they are dead. Usually the former, as yulents are notoriously hard to kill. If faced with a living opponent, they will attack with claws first to down their first opponent. Once hurt, they will then go in for the kill to bite and eat them. They will then hold off other opponents with their claws (-2 to Brawling) while they eat and digest their kill.

ST: 25 HP: 30 Speed: 5.75
DX: 11 Will: 12 Move: 6
IQ: 6 Per: 8 Weight: 1,100 lbs.
HT: 12 FP: 11 SM: +2 (3 hexes)
Dodge: 9 Parry: 9 DR: 5

Attacks: Claws 3d+1 cut, Bite 2d+1 cut.

Skills: Brawling 16, Jumping 14, Tracking 12

Traits: Berserk, Bloodlust, Sharp Claws, Enhanced Tracking, Tunneling Move 2

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