Goblins of Lycretia

In prep for another post where a goblin will be the main feature, figured a little background on the goblins of Lycretia would be useful first.

Goblin [10/11/-16]

There are two types of Goblins, one is native to the continent of Elandorr and the other to the continent of Shrinshaw. Eland Goblins, as they are known outside of Elandorr, have migrated in small numbers to both Shrinshaw and Myronspeir. When they migrate, they usually do so as a family. Many travel elsewhere to make their fortune before they move back to the mainland. Wealth in Goblin society is paramount; it is what drives their sense of societal status. Therefore most Goblins delve into being merchants, shopkeepers or caravan masters. They have a hard work ethic that is instilled in them growing up. No occupation or job is beneath a Goblin if it will advance them in some way. Everyone has to start somewhere. Goblins have the reputation as being swindlers, which has to do more with how the Goblins do business than anything else. Which means that most people swindle themselves thinking that they have agreed to something different than what they really have. Though most will not outright lie, they rarely tell the whole truth when involved in a transaction. A Goblin will gladly pull out the written agreement that was signed. Of course, they often do business with those who cannot read or read poorly, but they will have agreed to exactly what they agreed to, no more, no less. They are tricksters though and will gladly play tricks on people, though rarely for monetary gain, as that is bad for business. They are incredibly adept at learning languages and dialects, and any good Goblin knows two or three of their own dialects, their trade language that gets used sometimes by humans too, and two or three Human dialects. Some will pick up Elven, and Shrinsaw’s many distinct languages, especially if they reside in Padina.

There are two archetypes of Eland Goblins, those that live in cities and those that are nomadic traders, Most cities have at least a small Goblin quarter where they are shopkeepers and tradesmen like coopers and cobblers. Goblins do not farm and never have as long as history as recorded their existence. Goblins were originally in primitive tribes like Humans were before they began interacting with Dwarves. Goblins were parasitic and latched on to Humans, growing and adapting with them. Their origins, like Halflings, are a bit obscured. Some believe Halflings and Goblins are related, though goblins have rougher skin, slightly pointed ears, which Halflings do not, green in the case of Eland Goblins, and are a significantly taller. Others believe that Halflings are related to Humans, and Goblins to Orcs. Still, most Goblins live in Human cities. Many Goblins in their quest to make a name for themselves become traders traveling from one country to the next. Some are the heads of caravans, others are traveling peddlers, others are shipmasters, and still others have even joined and become pirates.

Goblins from Shrinshaw are known as Snow Goblins. It is not known if they are related to Eland Goblins. They are referred to as Snow Goblins for their white skin and their webbed feet that allow them to walk on snow as if it was solid ground. They live exclusively in the mountains of Shrinshaw and number no more than 30,000 except those that have been captured and sold as slaves. There are at least five thousand in captivity, many of which were born into captivity and often resold. Very few if any leave the mountains by choice. A single tribe, high in the mountains, has been entrusted to protect a lake known as the Tears of Lorythu and guard it’s secret location. The lake never freezes and anyone who bathes in the waters of the lake can be imbued with magery something the god Lorythu adamantly wishes to keep from the rest of the world. This particular tribe of Snow Goblins baptizes their newborns in the lake, which Lorythu approves up as a necessity to allow them to be powerful enough to protect this religious relic. To destroy the lake would be to destroy part of him, which is why it still exists. For those few Snow Goblins who have had the temptation to tell, his wrath has extinguished their lives.

Goblins (Eland) [10]

Attribute Modifiers: ST-2 [-20]; IQ+1 [20]

Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: SM-1

Advantage: Business Acumen 1 [10]; Language Talent [10]

Disadvantages: Social Stigma (Minority Group) [-10]


Snow Goblins [11]

Attribute Modifiers: ST-2 [-20]; IQ+1 [20]

Advantages: Temperature Tolerance (Range: 25-80) 2 [2]; Terrain Adaptation (snow) [5]

Racial Skill Bonus: Survival (Mountain) +2 [4]


Snow Goblins (Jook’par) [-16]

 Attribute Modifiers: ST-2 [-20]; IQ+1 [20]

Advantages: Magery 0 [5]; Temperature Tolerance (Range: 5-80) 2 [2]; Terrain Adaptation (snow) [5]

Disadvantages: Secret (Possible Death) [-30]

Racial Skill Bonus: Survival (Mountain) +2 [4]